Dec 21, 2013

Plainly Spoken…A Moderate view on Phil Robertson

Words have consequences…free speech is an oxymoron-there is always a cost.


Apr 22, 2013

In Jesus Name…?

From public prayer to private worship services, Chaplains are called upon to be the spiritual leaders and experts of their unit…so how then shall they pray?


Nov 15, 2012

Post Election Podcast-Points to Ponder

It had been awhile, so here are some of my thoughts on the post-election ferver.  Forgive me if I sound harsh, I am just passionate regarding some of these issues.

Length is 10:30.

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Jul 7, 2012

Fat Gay Gossipy Liars-A case for love

We wink at gluttony but picket the homosexuals...? Why

Feb 17, 2012


Twas a snowy, cold day in Northeast PA.
My girlfriend and I found ourselves,
by my design, in a local park...
her house not too far away.
Her eyes were glowing, her cheeks were red
her heart was full...the park was dead.


This very same park, not long ago 
watched me confess my love.
"I love you" to her I said for the very first time
and offered my arms as a place of rest...
her tears caught by my willing chest.


Flash forward to Feb 18th, 2006.
I grabbed her cold hand
to warm her soul
as the sweat poured from my nervous palm
my composure was nearly gone.
I stopped along the snow-covered path
and kissed the white ground with a trembling knee.
The father was okay with me...but would she be?


A tiny black box...A much bigger question
Would she say yes? Would she say no?
Was this really happening!?
its all a blur...spare the look in her eye.
For when she spied the oh my
if ever i believed that i could bend time
it would be this moment.
Yes I am certain it slowed just for me.


I cannot remember how I asked or what I said
I was  busy staring at eternity instead
She tucked in her lips, ever so slightly
and closed her eyes...but not too tightly
and with a simple nod and a single tear
She gave me joy everlasting that has continued
year after year.

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