Apr 25, 2010

Glenn Beck and Liberty University

Once again the ad-hominems are flying my way simply because I disagree with a decision my school has made…so let’s take a peak at the evidence, shall we?

Liberty University is by its very founding a Baptist University.  Certainly the word “Baptist” no longer remains in the title, but for all intents and purposes the lean of the faculty is certainly of a Baptist flavor.  It is associated with Thomas Road “Baptist” Church and has connected to it Liberty “Baptist” Theological Seminary

Baptists, like many other conservative denominations, affirm that the Bible is the one and only inspired word of God.  We hold that any other books, scrolls, writings, or teachings that claim to hold equal weight with the Bible are heretical. We hold that Satan is a created angel and is not in any way related to God or Jesus. 

Glenn Beck, as a practicing Mormon, holds very different opinions than those of Liberty University.  And beliefs are important when it comes to a Christian University.  Who we chose to speak at our commencement says a lot about what we value…it says a lot about what any university values. 

Furthermore, Glenn Beck has done and said many things on national television that have either proven not to be true at all or have proven to be quite childish in nature.  Take this interview he did with Kate Couric for example (click for video).  Any objective viewer can see that Mr. Beck’s attitude and speech are on par with that of a child. 

So what does this say about Liberty University?  Well it proves yet again that they are more concerned about gaining and maintaining political clout (and ipso facto donors) than they are about gaining and maintaining academic and Christian integrity. 

You don’t have to agree with Liberty’s theological positions…that is your prerogative.  But, can’t we all agree that if a school takes a position they should stick by it and not waffle.

Hopefully in 2011 Liberty University will make more of an effort to find a qualified, educated, gifted Christian speaker to honor their graduates and alumni.  Who knows…maybe they might even look within their own alumni…that is if they were as concerned with being good as they are looking good.  

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