Aug 24, 2010

Around the Web in 80 days-The Art of Manliness

You sir are a scholar and a gentleman. 


The art of chivalry is not yet dead…as “ The Art of Manliness” proves with its words of wisdom and manly exterior. 

What Is “The Art Of Manliness”

In the simplest of terms, The Art of Manliness (TAM) is a blog dedicated to…well, the art of manliness.  Everything from what clothes one should keep in their closest to where to find the best barber shop and everything in-between. 

Why Should I Care?

Well, for the men, it is a great tool to have in your tool belt.  Whether you want to know how to write a proper sympathy card or what to wear to that next big job interview, this is the site for you.  Some of you might not have someone around to whom you can address such queries. 

For the women, perhaps your man is not a big blog reader or computer guy, well, you could read the blog.  You can help your husband/boyfriend/brother/son learn more about how to become a proper gentleman. 

What Is Covered?

Well, according to the headers, the following topics are covered…

  • A Man’s Life
  • Dress & Grooming
  • Health & Sports
  • Manly Skills
  • Money & Career
  • Relationships & Family
  • Community
  • Man Knowledge

Who Writes This Stuff

From TAM…

The Art of Manliness is authored by husband and wife team, Brett and Kate McKay. It features articles on helping men be better husbands, better fathers, and better men. In our search to uncover the lost art of manliness, we’ll look to the past to find examples of manliness in action. We’ll analyze the lives of great men who knew what it meant to “man up” and hopefully learn from them. And we’ll talk about the skills, manners, and principles that every man should know. Since beginning in January 2008, The Art of Manliness has already gained 53,000+ subscribers and continues to grow each week.

Why Did They Write It?

Once again, we pull directly from the website…

My idea for the Art of Manliness came about as I was standing in Borders bookstore looking at the men’s magazines. It seemed to me that the content in these magazines were continually going downhill, with more and more articles about sex and how to get six pack abs. Was this all there was to being a man?

And as I looked around at the men my age, it seemed to me that many were shirking responsibility and refusing to grow up. They had lost the confidence, focus, skills, and virtues that men of the past had embodied and were a little lost. The feminism movement did some great things, but it also made men confused about their role and no longer proud of the virtues of manliness. This, coupled with the fact that many men were raised without the influence of a good father, has left a generation adrift as to what it means to be an honorable, well-rounded man.

In Conclusion

These two folks have put together one heck of a blog and every man and single mom should definitely have this blog in their arsenal.   Learn more about how to become a true gentleman and subscribe to this blog.   Special thanks to my friend and co-worker Caleb for introducing this blog to me a few months back. 

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