Aug 18, 2010

Around the Web in 80 days-Blogs

Good (and bad) advice is just a mouse click away…


Let’s take a look into the wonderful word of blogs…

What is a Blog?

You are reading a blog…right now…right this very second.  A blog is short for “web log”, basically a log of text, photo, or video entries made by a person or persons for the web at large or sometimes for only a select group of people.  The subject matter is as diverse as the world itself.  Here is a sample smattering of my favs…

Financial Advice Blogs

Here are some great financial advice blogs that will help you save and manage money better…

The Simple Dollar- Jamie, my wife, has been reading this blog for a long time and it is a good one.  Trent, the creator and head author of this blog really knows how to take great advice and mix it with his own unique personality to make this both an informative and fun read. 

Frugal Dad- He is making Frugal cool again.  I have only skimmed this one, but it is on Trent’s “Blogroll” <—A Blogroll is a list of blogs on a blog author’s page that he or she reads. 

Get Rich Slowly- A few of my friends read this one and again it is on Trent’s “Blogroll” so you should check it out.

Christian Blogs

I enjoy learning and reading more about my faith and those in it…here are some fun and interesting Christian Blogs

Challies- A blog by Tim Challie covering a multitude of Christian topics.  It is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) Christian blogs on the net. 

Stuff Christians Like- A humorus but sometimes sobering look at Christian “sub-culture” and all that goes along with it.  A good read.

Atheist Central- The blog of Ray Comfort, founder of Living Waters ministry and star of “Way of the Master”

XXXChurch- There are actually several blogs on this page, all devoted to the subject of sexual integrity and pornography awareness.  There is a blog for men, women, teens, couples and pastors.  As a matter of full disclosure, I blog for as a volunteer.

Life Help

Here are some blogs to help you get organized, get motivated, get educated and save time…

LifeHacker- One of the most famous blogs on the internet…LifeHacker helps you learn about a plethora of topics from computers to everyday living.  A good read.

Uncluterer- Again, Jamie turned me on to this blog.  It helps unclutter your desk, your home, and your life.  It has been featured on numerous television programs and is again a top blog.

FlyLady- And again a blog my wife learned about and passed on to me.  This lady helps you get off your butt and begin daily routines that will stick with you for the rest of your life.  The baby steps she uses can take anyone from slob to domestic goddess in just a few short months.  There is more of a “macho” version of this blog entitled “HeyTom”. 


Comedy Blogs

We all need a laugh, a chuckle, a giggle if you will.  Here are some blogs that will help you do just that…

Fail Blog- …because it’s always better when it happens to someone else.

My Life is Average- Well, we can’t all be above average, now can we?

It Made My Day- These stories are more likely to make you smile than laugh…stories of “win”. 

Misc. Blogs

Just a few blogs that didn’t fit anywhere else…

The Huffington Post- A very liberal, but popular, news blog.  Even my conservative readers should glance at this blog to keep a finger on the pulse of our liberal friends.

Boing Boing- The most popular tech-culture-gadget blog on the web.

Slash Dot Org- News for nerds

Wired- More Gen Y, tech, gadget, culture and nerdy news…a popular blog. 



In Conclusion

There are as many blogs as there are personalities…from blogs about cats to blogs about the afterlife.  I will most likely be doing a second and even third series relating to blogs in some form or fashion…perhaps even spotlighting some of the blogs above.  You can subscribe to blogs and have the content delivered directly to you and even use Google Reader to keep track of them all.

Until next time…

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